Technical difficulties

Hello everyone. Welcome to another week.

I was all set to share some cards my kids and I made over the weekend, but, alas! It is not to be!

See, my husband is away on a business trip to Germany and took my/our camera with him. Me being without a camera is kind of like, oh, a car with four flat tires. I just don’t get very far. At least where my blog is concerned. I tried using my mother-in-law’s camera, but apparently do not have the correct software to use to download photos from her camera to my computer. Next step would be to download them onto her computer and email them to mine. They came through really grainy and not clear at all. So, what’s a girl to do???

So let me just tell you about the cards and just as soon as I get my camera back, which should be Thursday, I can share the photos with you.

Have you heard about the Cards For Kate card drive? You can learn all about it here on Jennifer McQuire’s blog. Anyway, I’ve been following Kate’s story and have been sharing her story with my kids. Our bedtime prayers with the kids have included Kate and her family and my kids have taken an interest in Kate and what she is going through. So, on Sunday, the kids and I stayed home from church because my oldest wasn’t feeling well. We just kind of hung out with each other all day and spent some time making cards for Kate. Each of my children made one (or two), and they were so excited that I was going to show them here on my blog.

So, things are gonna be pretty quiet here on the blog-o this week. Hubs gets back late Thursday, so I’ll check back in on Friday to share everything I was planning to share with you this week.

Since I can’t share what I was planning to, let me share a page I did a while ago. I don’t think I posted it here before. Forgive me if I have.

Before I go, I just have to tell you all some exciting news! I am going to have one of my cards published in the February 2010 issue of CARDS magazine!!! I am so excited! This was the first time I had ever submitted anything for publication and was shocked to get my card picked on the very first try! So, be sure to check out the February issue and look for me there.

catch ya later!

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