a very, um “challenging” challenge!

So the other day I sat down to try my hand at this week’s Color Inspiration challenge from Kristina Werner. Here are this week’s colors: Black, Red, Pacific Blue, Sun Yellow, White.

I originally made a card for a teacher because I thought the colors would work well for a teacher theme. You know, red apples, yellow buses and pencils, black chalkboards, etc. etc. You know sometimes things just flow and sometimes they don’t. Well, this time they sure didn’t and I really didn’t like how my card turned out. So I left it lay on my desk for another day, came back to it, added a few more things, decided I liked it a little better, but still not good enough!

So today I took another look at my card a decided to give these colors another go. Maybe a different style of card would suit me better. None of my stamps were “speaking” to me, though, so I resorted to pulling out some retired oldies but oh so goodies.


Once I stamped the background in Pacific Point ink using the Paisley background stamp it began to come together. The background reminded me of antique Flow Blue china and that’s where it all fell into place.


So instead of a teacher theme my card has an antique feel to it that I really love.

What’s that? You want to see my “other” card? Nah, really??? Well………..OK. Here ya go.

See, told you it wasn’t much to look at.
Isn’t it amazing how two cards using the same color scheme can look so different?

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12 thoughts on “a very, um “challenging” challenge!

  1. kolleen seibel says:

    ok i am not sure what you are talking about ! the teacher card looks wonderful ! But I understand your feelings . Keep it up girl friend ! kolleen

  2. char says:

    Wow…your creativity is inspiring! I love how you work and what the final product is! You have a good thing going here…keep it up!!!

  3. Theresa Connolly says:

    I’m a Kindergarten teacher and a card maker and I think your teacher card it great! If I would have gotten this card from one of my students last week (end of school year) it would be displayed in my classroom next year. Keep up the great work!

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