Makeover Monday- using old books

Hello all!

I’m back again today to share with you this month’s Makeover Monday post, which normally gets posted the first Monday of each month but got pushed back this moth because of too many other obligations.

You all are probably aware by now, or are getting the hint at least, that I enjoy shopping for bargains at my local Goodwill store and any other second hand shops or flea markets, if and when I get the chance to visit one.

Today’s projects come from some great Goodwill finds that are not so unique that each one of you should be able to find something similar to use if you wish to. These fabulous finds are old books. Now let me just say right now that if you are a lover of old books and can’t stand the thought of them being taken apart, torn, dismembered, disassembeld, or dismanteled, you may want to stop right here and go no further.
Otherwise, keep reading. We’re gonna have fun!

Here are some of the books I’ve been able to find for the purpose of recycling them into craft projects.

The black one on the bottom I picked up a while ago thinking I’d like to use it sometime for this project. Isn’t that awesome! My book’s title is “I Know This much is True” and with the title on the spine I thought would be great to make a binder like that one.

The one in the middle is simply a Webster’s dictionary. Dictionaries are fun for all kinds of things. For instance you can use the pages to make these beautiful paper flowers.

I found the tutorial to make these here at Gauche Alchemy. I love how they added them to a gift bag. what a great idea! I added mine to a card.

Of course I won’t be able to fit that card into an envelope. Instead, wouldn’t it be fun to decorate the outside of a gift bag with these big flowers to match the card and then tuck the card inside?

Here’s another card I made using the dictionary pages.

On this one I stamped directly on the page that listed the word “cherish” to go with the sentiment I was using. I circled the word cherish on the dictionary page to draw attention to it and tie it in with the “cherish” sentiment on the card. When doing this it’s always wise to make sure there are no inappropriate words on the dictionary page you’re using, unless, of course, you’re going for a slightly more risque card! 🙂

I also used some of the dictionary pages to make a scrapbook page.

And, like I said before. Be mindful of other words on the dictionary page you’d rather not incorporate into your project. I wanted to use the page that had the word “boy” on it. After I had it down on my scrapbook page I noticed it also had the word bra/brassiere on it. i didn’t think my son would be too keen on that, so I looked for a way to cover it up.


A little journaling spot did the trick!

The book at the top of the pile is my favorite find of all. It’s called “Romancing the Ordinary” and it’s written by Sarah Ban Breatnach. It’s a really fun find with all kinds of wonderful titles and words throughout the book like these:



and this one I thought would go particularly well on a toddler page!

These would all be great to add somewhere on a page or even use the as the page title like I did on this page.

The book even has beautiful paper inside the front and back covers that would work wonderfully well on a project also.

If you are worried about the safety of using old books in your scrapbooking you can always purchase an acid testing pen that will tell you if the item is acid free or not. Or you can chose to spray the paper first with archival mist to neutralize any acid in the old paper.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the peek at some of the things that can be done with things that are considered other peoples junk. The possibilities are endless if we keep our eyes and ears open for new ways to use things we find.

There’s an antiques flea market near where I live that has a day dedicated to old books, papers, and ephemera, and I think it would be a ton of fun to go and see what I can pick up to use in my paper crafting projects. What do you think? Wanna come along with me?

Catch y’all later!

4 thoughts on “Makeover Monday- using old books

  1. kolleen seibel says:

    WOW brenda !! Amazing as always ! Hey I would love to join you @ the flea market thingy ! Where is it ? Hugs kolleen

  2. Karen (stampin3) says:

    love this Brenda! I never think in terms like this and wish I did – the different ideas are perfect. Now to search and see what I have – I work right next to a book store that ‘recycles’ used books…am sure I could find something in there!! great ideas!!

  3. Travelingmama says:

    I wish we had flea markets here. They have monthly “suqs” but they tend to be VERY rough and not kid friendly. I’ve been searching the bazaars down in the old town for antiques and even buttons and trim, but I haven’t had any luck so far. Anyways! I just thought it sounded like so much fun! Maybe when we go to Paris I can go to the flea markets there!

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