shooting for 10

Today was a gorgeous spring day that more than made up for all the cold, rainy days we’ve been having lately. I got to spend the whole morning outside too!!! We were helping my in-laws with some yard work this morning. The men were kept busy splitting firewood while us women worked in the flower beds and ran after the kids.

I managed to get my leg scraped pretty good while I was manning the bush trimmer. It’s just bruised and scratched, but it just reaffirmed in my mind that I was not born to handle large pieces of equipment such as a bush trimmer. My scissors and paper trimmer are much more my speed, thank you very much!!

So, with that thought in mind, I came home, put my little girl to bed for her nap, and got busy in my scrap room. I finished a couple of projects, one of which is a card I made for my oldest son, Nathaniel, who will be celebrating his tenth birthday tomorrow. How is it possible to already have a ten year old son??? Crazy how time flies! He’s so excited to be turning ten. He’ll be even more excited when he sees the BB gun he’s been begging for when he unwraps his gift from his Dad and I.

Here’s the outside of the card. I wanted to do a countdown to go along with the rocket theme and still focus on the number 10. I also added some pierced dots for the fuel stream, some punched out stars, and paper pieced the different parts of the rocket.


The curved rust colored piece is to mimic a planet for the little space ship to land on, while the blue background is the star filled sky.

I wanted to do something fun with this card, so I made a spiral pop-up. We just did this technique a couple of evenings ago at the monthly meeting we have with some local demonstrators, and, even though I had seen this technique done before, it was one I had sort of forgotten about. It was fun to give it a try again.

Here’s what the card looks like on the inside.

and at a slightly different angle. Isn’t it fun?!

Anyway, I’m excited to give it to him tomorrow. I think he’s gonna love it. We’ll be celebrating his birthday with the Weavers tomorrow. We’ll not only be celebrating Nathaniel’s birthday, but Eric’s brother just proposed to his girlfriend this week, so that’s another cause for celebrating!

Catch up with you all on Monday!

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