I’m so excited!

You all already know that I like Mondays and this week Monday is even more special because I get to share some exciting news with you!

So, here’s the story….a week or two ago, during my travels through cyberspace, I happened across this really cool scrapbook sketch website, called 52 sketches 52 weeks, and discovered they were looking for a design team. I loved what I was seeing. The sketches were wonderful and looked like so much fun to try. The designer of the sketches, the talented Julie Bonner, puts up a new sketch every week on the blog- hence the name 52 sketches.

Anyway, I decided to give it a shot. I love scrapbooking, and I love great scrapbook sketches, so why not? So last week when I was elbow deep in other projects I whipped up a page and submitted it, and guess what? I got offered a spot on the very first 52 sketches 52 weeks design team!!!

I am beyond excited to get started on this fabulous adventure. I hope all of you will play along with me. If you love to scrapbook you will love Julie’s sketches. If you don’t currently scrapbook and think you’d like to give it a try, sketches are a perfect way to start.

You can check out the 52 sketches 52 weeks website here.

Here’s the sketch up for this week.

Isn’t it great! I can see lots of potential with this one. I’ll be sharing my page made with this sketch later this week.

Oh, and that’s not all!!!! Over at 52 sketches they also have weekly prizes! How cool is that?
Each week a name is drawn from everyone who submitted a page based on that week’s sketch and here is this week’s prize package up for grabs supplied by Scrapbook Takeout.


Now who wouldn’t want a shot at getting a fantastic prize package like that??? Just look at all that scrappy goodness! Yumm!
So head on over there post haste and get yourself signed up and play along with me.

I also wanted to share with you the page I submitted for the Design Team call. The photos on this page were taken only a couple of weeks ago when we got a few inches of snow. Now that I can see signs of spring around here it’s hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago we were out playing in the snow. It’s even harder to believe that a week before these photos were taken the kids were outside with no jackets on- it was that warm!


My guys are all pretty much on the mend now, aside from a few left over coughs and sniffles, thank God! I think we had enough sickness around here to last for a while.

If any of you believe in the power of prayer, as I do, can I ask a you to keep our little Chloe in your prayers? Chloe is our three year old daughter for those of you who don’t know. Last week I took Chloe to get some blood work done. She’s been getting strange, blotchy rashes for several months now and we don’t know why. The doctors are thinking she may have an allergy to something. We should get the results back this week and I’m just hoping and praying that it’s something minor and that can easily be dealt with. Thank you in advance for keeping her in your prayers!

Have a great Monday, everyone! Catch you later!

11 thoughts on “I’m so excited!

  1. crystal says:

    hey sis, congrats and goodluck!
    we will be praying over dear cloe.
    so happy to hear that you all are feeling better.

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