A little more Christmas goodness…

Um, yeah, I believe I said yesterday that I didn’t think I would be posting any more until after Christmas. Well… I just COULD NOT resist showing you these fun tags I made for my kids’ presents. I was inspired by this role of wrapping paper I got this year that has beautiful pinks, greens, blues and reds in it. I thought that color scheme would be perfect for some fun and funky tags.

My two boys also had to buy a gift for a gift exchange at school, so I made tags for those gifts as well.

This one’s for Jeremiah (school friend):



This one is for Joseph (another school friend):



My son, Nathaniel, was appalled that I would use even a smidgen of pink on a boy’s tag. He was not impressed. I said pink is for boys as well as girls. Men wear pink shirts, don’t they? And most look pretty good in them too. Hopefully Joseph won’t mind a little pink.

This one’s for Nathaniel:


I still sneaked a tiny bit of pink in there, but tried to keep it a bit more subtle.


The great thing about these tags is that after they have removed them from their gift they can keep them to hang on the tree next year. Each one has a loop at the top for hanging.

This one is for Isaiah:



I used tags and embellishments I already had on hand. Little bits and pieces of this and that. Some of the tags are from Target dollar spot and some are from Basic Grey.

This one is Chloe’s:



And here they are on the presents under the tree. No we don’t do Santa at our house. That’s why some of the gifts are already placed under the tree. I still have to wrap some, but I got all my shopping done today, finally! Yay!!!


I think I mean it now when I say that I will not be back here until after Christmas. Have a most joyous and blessed Christmas, everyone!!!

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