More Artisan award projects- the cards

As promised Here are the cards I entered for the Artisan Award contest.

Gate fold card. There is a “Thank You” sentiment stamped on the inside.

Baroque Motifs card.

Bug Day card.

From the Garden card.

Mr. & Mrs. card.

I am not going to add all the recipes here, but there will be recipes and a write up about what it was like for me to win on the Utah Divas International blog tomorrow, Saturday, August 9. You can click on the Utah Divas site listed on the right hand side of this page to see it.

I am still trying to catch up on everything around here. I wanted to try out Kristina Werner’s color challenge, but I didn’t get around to it on time.

Speaking of Kristina, I was thrilled that I got to meet her at convention. She is just as sweet in person as I thought she would be. No matter where she went she had people standing around her taking pictures and stuff. She’s quite the celebrity now and she deserves it. She’s so talented!

Here I am with Kristina.

I hope to get some projects done this weekend. My husband and sons are away on a father/son camping trip so it sounds like a great time to hide away at my work space after my little girl is asleep for the night.

2 thoughts on “More Artisan award projects- the cards

  1. carol marbach (udi) says:

    your work is sooo incredible. enjoy your award because you certainly deserve it!!!

    so glad i got to meet you at convention, though we didn’t get to spend much time getting to know you.

    cheers ~ carol.

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