Artisan Award projects

Now that convention is over and our Artisan Award projects are public domain I am now allowed to post my projects. It was fun to see my projects on display at convention.

Here are the scrapbook pages:

“Imagine” page. I love the angles and the colors on this page. This is my oldest son, Nathaniel.

“Wanted” page. These are photos of my three kids taken a couple of years ago. I love how the paper and stamps complement their little cowboy hats and handkerchiefs.

“Berry Berry Sweet” page. I love this photo of my little girl at the strawberry patch. Her hair blowing all around her face as she enjoys the sweet strawberries. The strawberries were sweet, but the title is really referring to her! Oh, and the eyelets were not on the page. After I took the photo I realized the eyelets I used were a discontinued item and I would not be able to use them for my entry, so I took it apart and redid it without the eyelets.

Here are the 3D projects.

“My Girl” album made with old 45’s. This is my favorite of all my Artisan Award projects. It’s even cuter IRL than it was on display at convention. They had to take it apart to display on the board so you couldn’t see the rings and pretty ribbons which I thought really finished it off. Plus, they weren’t able to show all of the pages on the display board, so I’m showing all of them here.

Here’s the first page:

Second page:

Third page:

Fourth page:

fifth page:

sixth page:

seventh page:

eight page:

ninth page:

tenth page:

Altoid tin purse closed:

Altoid tin purse open with contents showing (chipboard key chain, hair bands with flowers from Pretties kit, and a beaded chapstick)

I’ll show all my cards next time.

Convention was great!!! I had an awesome time meeting friends whom I had only gotten to know before through our online group Utah Divas International. The Divas were so much fun to hang out with and get to know.

I will share more about convention over the next few days. I have so many things I need to catch up on this week so it will take me a while to get around to everything.

3 thoughts on “Artisan Award projects

  1. Maria Williams says:

    I LOVE these projects!!! You make the loveliest scrapbook pages!!! I am so glad you won – these projects are are WOW!!

    Maria 🙂

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