Decor Elements tray

My first order of Decor Elements arrived today! I had to do something with them right away. My daughter even got her nap postponed because I was busy with my new stuff. LOL!

Several weeks ago I was shopping at a Pottery Barn outlet near our home and found this beautiful black circular tray. The price was reduced to some outlandishly inexpensive price- I think I paid less than $3 for it. I thought it would probably be about the right size to fit the Together Forever Circle Frame and figured that if it happened to be the wrong size at least I hadn’t spent much on it. I wanted something I could use the Decor Elements on that would be easy to transport to workshops and other events so I could easily show people what they look like in real life.

The tray turned out to be just about perfect. The design does come up over the sides just a smidge, but I think it looks OK.

I added the lowercase Classic “W” monogram to the center. The uppercase one would have fit as well, but in this case I thought the large one was a bit much. I would probably use the uppercase monogram if I were putting the Together Forever Frame on a wall to make it more noticeable.

I am so excited to see what else will be added to the Decor Elements line. Only two more weeks to go and I’ll be at convention!!! Woohoo!!! I plan to plop down right away in the closest corner I can find if possible and devour my new catalog from cover to cover. Those of you watching might see me drooling!

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