Gossamer Blue December reveal day 1

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s December? I can’t. Seems like the end of the year is barreling down on us like a speeding freight train. I find myself wishing I could insert an extra day or two here and there somehow.

Since it’s December 1st, that means that the newest kits from Gossamer Blue are available for purchase today. I had a great time creating my cards with these kits. They came together so effortlessly. I made seven cards in all, and I’ll share four of them here with you today.

These first three were all made with the December main kit only.

Life is better with a smile:




I love the cork and wood accents, and that cute camera.

On an Adventure:




There are some great little die cut accents too.

You Make me Happy:




The colors in this kit are wonderful! And the wood accents always give a great touch of warmth.

This one was made using the main kit, the main kit add-on, and the bits & pieces kit.




I love the rub-ons in the main kit add-on. I layered them over a piece of 6×6 patterned paper that came with the bits & pieces kit. I like how the transparent rub-ons allow the print on the paper to show through.

Oh, and guess what. These photos were taken in my new craft space!

Speaking of photos, I’m really having trouble getting mine sharp, for some reason. I’ve tried shooting with a smaller aperture instead of wide open. I’ve tried moving closer or further away from the item being photographed. I’ve tried turning my cards in different angles with the light. I’ve messed around with my camera settings umpteen times.  Have any of you ever experienced that problem? I’m about to just take it to a local camera shop and ask the guys there what to do because I’m almost convinced it’s something with my lens. Fuzzy photos are not cool. Unless it’s on purpose.

So, if you’re interested in getting your own kits, head on over to Gossamer Blue. But don’t wait too long! They usually go pretty quickly.


December Memories blog hop


Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be joining the rest of the Gossamer Blue design team girls to bring you today’s blog hop. The December Memories album kit from Gossamer Blue is so gorgeous, and we wanted to take this opportunity to inspire you to create your own album. We’ll be sharing lots of fun ideas along the way for creating base pages, organization, etc.

If you’re following along on the hop, you probably came here from Beshka’s blog. The entire blog hop order is also listed below for your convenience.

This is my first year to make a December album. Actually, I take that back. I did try to do one a few years ago, but I failed miserably. It never quite came together for me, for several reasons. So, this year I was a little nervous to do a December album. But when I saw the kit, I was sold. I loved the colors and designs. I love the fun and modern color scheme. I loved it all! And I was determined to make it work for me.

I can’t wrap my head around completing an entire album ahead of time (minus the photos). I know that I can’t nail things down ahead of time because I really don’t know what my days will look like or what activities we’ll be doing or photos we’ll be taking on any given day. So, I decided I would do just a few base pages, some where I can add just a photo or two and some journaling, and do the rest as I go along.  That seemed to be the best plan of action for me.


This is my introductory page. I didn’t decorate the cover at all, because I still haven’t decided yet if I want to. I used only the kit contents and some machine stitching to decorate these pages.


I kept some space free to add some photos and journaling here on the left, and on the bottom insert on the right. Since I already know what I’d like to add for my first day, I went ahead and added the number 1. That is the only page that is pretty much set in stone, besides the introductory page. All others are subject to change, in some fashion.




I created a pocket in this page protector by stitching with my sewing machine. I added some of the fun sequins included in the kit. The Merry vellum die cut piece is simply stitched into place as well.





Again, here I left some space for photos and journaling. On the page on the left, I used a large insert and divided into sections with machine stitching. I plan to either add a photo to each blank section, or maybe a photo in one and some journaling in the other. On the right side I left a spot open to just slide a photo in the empty space.


Some puffy stickers, sequins, die cut stars, a plaid enamel dot, some stamped stars, and some white mist drops fill in the upper right section of this page.


Creating fun pockets like this one is my favorite part of making this album. I enjoy sticking little embellishments in the pockets and just stitching them into place. it’s a fun way to break up a page and use up some of the many awesome embellishments in this kit. Here I used some acrylic snowflakes, a die cut snowflake, and a die cut star.


The page on the left here is one of my favorites so far. I created a little shaker page by cutting out the 25 with my Silhouette. Then I backed it with a transparency and added my sequins. I love the way it turned out. I thought about possibly adding a photo later, but I’m pretty sure I will just leave it blank. just because i like it that way. I think it will serve as a sort of introductory page to our actual Christmas Day celebration. Everything else is just leading up to that day. I plan to add more photos that day than any other, so that deserves it’s own special section.




I plan to add something for each day of December, whether that be a photo or several photos, or just some journaling. I kind of have a list in my head of all the things I’d like to capture throughout the month, such a decorating the tree, baking cookies, Christmas programs and recitals, etc. But then I’d also like to capture the smaller details, like a cup of hot cocoa, mittens in the snow, etc. etc. I would love to end up with a jam packed full album with lots of photos, lots of journaling, and entire month of memories captured all in one place.

So I don’t really know how this album will turn out, but I plan to just have fun with it and see what happens. One thing I do know is that I’ve really been enjoying the process so far. I’m a little surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying it, to tell you the truth. Working with a specific kit is really how I like it. I have all my kit contents out on my desk, where they will stay for the entire month, so I can sit down and add pages as I go.

I plan to share more as I go along, as well as my organization, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, check out what the rest of the Gossamer Blue design team girls have to share today. I personally can’t wait to see their albums because I know they will rock it!

To keep hopping, head on over to Cindy Liebel’s blog, or see the blog hop list below.

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Gossamer Blue December sneaks

Hey there! I know I’ve been absent. But all for good reason!

I’ve ben a bit preoccupied. I’ve been creating like crazy with the Gossamer Blue December kits, working on my December Memories album, working on some Christmas projects, and in the midst of it all, transferring all my craft stuff from the basement to my new crafts pace upstairs.

I know I picked the craziest time to move my craft space. But it felt like it was the right time. I’m happy to say that it is nearly complete and I plan to show you around soon. Probably after the craziness of the holidays is over. (How many times can I use the word crazy, or a version of it?)

In the meantime, let me share just a few sneak peeks of my projects for the December Gossamer Blue kits. I made seven cards this time. I was having too much fun to stop!






These kits are so gorgeous! My favorite month so far.

I can’t wait to share with you some of the things I’ve been doing with my December Memories album. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen a couple of photos. The Gossamer Blue team is planning on doing a December Memories blog hop this Sunday to give you lots of inspiration for your own albums and to get you excited to work on yours, and get started if you haven’t yet. This is my first year doing a December album, and I would honestly have to say that it’s my favorite project so far. I’ve really, really been loving it!

I agreed to host my husband’s family for Thanksgiving on Thursday, so it just got a little crazier! Tons to get done, not enough time to do it. But it’s good. I’m having fun. But with that being said, I probably won’t be able to blog again before the blog hop on Sunday, so I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so much gratefulness in my heart for so many, many things. I can’t wait to celebrate and eat turkey and stuffing, and spend time with family, and hold my baby niece, and eat some more :) Yes, it’s mostly about the food. I will not lie!

Have a wonderful week!


November Inspiration Blog Hop



Hey there! Welcome to this month’s inspiration blog hop with the Gossamer Blue team! The purpose of this blog hop is to provide you with a boost of inspiration for using your November kits, just as they are arriving at your doorstep. Things move fast in the kit world, and we want you to get the most use out of your current kit, even when sneak peeks of the next kits will soon be here.

You may have come here from Beshka’s blog, are a regular reader, or just happened to find your way here today. However you got here, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the blog hop.

This time I thought it would be fun to create a set of small cards that would be great to give together as a gift. Maybe stacking them and tying them together with a bit of lace, along with some coordinating envelopes. I sometimes give my cards away for others to use and send out to their friends, and I think a selection of coordinating ones like these would be especially fun to give away.


These cards are smaller than normal, measuring 4″x 4 1/2″. I pulled out the package of Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper die cuts and began stitching them onto the cards. I embellished them further with some wood veneer, cork, rub-ons, patterned paper, and mist.

Happy Day:



Oh, hi!:










I had so much fun making these to share with you. I hope you like them and feel inspired in new ways to use your Gossamer Blue November kits.

From here you can head on over to Cindy’s blog and check out what fabulousness awaits!

In case you get lost, you can refer to this list of blog hop participants:

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Creative Jumpstart :: Hello New Glasses


Creative Jumpstart is a bi-monthly challenge issued by Marcy Penner and Stephanie Bryan to challenge each other, and their readers,  in their paper crafting endeavors. I always enjoy a challenge, even though it seems I don’t usually find/take the time to participate. This time it’s a recipe challenge. The recipe ingredients are:

1 frame

2 brads

5 patterned papers.

I pulled out the On My Desk collection from Gossamer Blue, along with a few items from past kits, to create this page.

A little back story about this page:

I recently got a new pair of glasses. That may not seem like a big deal to most. And it’s not. Unless you figure in the fact that I had my old pair for about 18 years. And that they had broken a long time ago and were held together with masking tape. And that I had to constantly tighten the screws that wanted to wiggle out. And that my face is small and the only pair that fit my face at the time was from the kids’ section. And that they had Mickey Mouse emblems on the side. Nothing against Mickey Mouse, but that’s really not me at all, if you know what I mean. And that I never, ever wore these outside my home. For obvious reasons.

Why I had these for so long? Well, you know how it is? Especially when you have kids. Seems like there is always someone else that needs something, like glasses, or braces, or whatever. And we keep putting ourselves last. That, and I just wore them for a short time after I got up in the morning, until I woke up enough to put my contact lenses in. So it really wasn’t a huge need. I was always thinking that “someday” I should replace them. Funny how time passes by.

So, the day I finally got a new pair was kind of exciting to me. I finally made the decision to get a new pair after I had issues with my eye on a weekend trip and had to drive home wearing only one contact lens. I figured it would be a really, really good idea to have a backup pair of glasses that I could actually wear in public in case something like that ever happened again. :)


I know it’s a little hard to read, but the little white tab in the photo of me holding my glasses says “we are here”. And it’s pointing down to the word trash. It felt good to throw those babies away!


Those beautiful brads are from the Maggie Holmes line from Crate Paper and come from one of my past Gossamer Blue kits. The glasses rub-on is also from a past kit. How could I NOT use that on this page?


A puffy sticker and pretty papers from the On My Desk line. I used two papers here, and three under my photo for a total of five.

It was fun to try out a challenge again, so thanks to Marcy and Stephanie for the creative jumpstart!



Decorating the Thanksgiving Table

For this month’s team blog post  at Gossamer Blue, I knew I wanted to work with the Gramercy Road collection to create some kind of table decor for Thanksgiving. The colors and patterns in the Gramercy Road line are just perfect for autumn projects.

I really enjoy creating a nice table spread a couple of times a year. Usually for important holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. There’s just something about a nicely dressed table that makes things feel so much more special.

I kept things fairly simple, because I know the holidays can get so hectic. And, even though I want the table to look nice, I don’t want it to be very time consuming to get it that way. I made all these decorations (plus staged and photographed them) in one morning. So when I say they don’t take a lot of time, I really mean it.

I wanted to create something for each family member’s place setting, so I made these pockets out of patterned paper to hold the silverware. You could also use these pockets to hold things besides silverware. Like a rolled up or folded napkin, a sheet of paper and a pen for writing down things you’re thankful for, or a special treat for each person.

These were so simple to make. I folded a piece of paper measuring 5″ x 12″ in half, folding the top down a bit, or trimming it (like you’ll see in the photos below) so that both sides of the gorgeous papers show.

I used my sewing machine to stitch the sides, but even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make these. Just adhere the sides together with a strong adhesive, such as red liner tape,  instead of sewing them. Then I trimmed the edges with a pinking shears.



I love that the Gramercy Road line contains patterns and colors for everyone. I was able to make some nice masculine looking pockets for my husband and sons, but also make some more feminine looking ones for my daughter and myself.











I added stamping to each of these pockets, in some way or another. I love the stamp set that coordinates with this line. I also added some of my own items, such as doilies, twine, and lace.


The place tags were the simplest project ever! I used the skinny labels and the rose gold foil alphabet stickers to create these. I simply stuck the alphabets onto the labels and then stitched them to help them stay in place. That’s it. You could also add these name tags to a small gift or favor packet. Or you could punch a hole in the end and thread twine through it to wrap around the silverware or a napkin, instead of using it like I did here.


I also used some of my supplies to dress up a candle for the table. Candles always make everything a little more special, and dressing up a candle to match your table decor is such a simple way to add a little extra something. Here a label, a strip of paper, a bit of lace, and a few stalks of wheat were all I used to take a plain candle up a few notches.


I love that I was able to create these projects early so I can have them set out on my dining room table for a few weeks. It makes me happy to walk into the room and see things looking all pretty and ready for the Thanksgiving feast.

If you have any questions at all about any of these projects, just leave a comment on the comments section below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks so much for joining me today!


Gossamer Blue November reveal day 3

I have two more cards to share with you that I created using the November kits from Gossamer Blue. If you missed the other two days, you can find them here and here.

Let Your Light Shine card, using Main kit and Bits & Pieces Kit:


I went a little more simple with the design of this card. It doesn’t use a lot of product, but I really wanted to highlight the stamp set included in the Bits & Pieces kit.  I drew on the circles with a marker, then stamped the sentiment and starbursts. Then I added a rub-on, a tiny strip of patterned paper, some of those fantastic acrylic accents, mist drops, and a few little pearls from my stash.


I really like how it turned out. I think this was one of my favorites this time around.

It’s the Little Things card, made using the Main Kit, Bits & Pieces kit, and Life Pages add-on #3:



For my final card, I wanted to play around with that cute flower stamp set from the Main Kit exclusive stamp. I painted on some circles on watercolor paper. Then stamped the flowers over them after they dried. It’s a simple, but really fun, way to incorporate some watercoloring into your designs.


I added a tiny rub-on sentiment, a die cut leaf, and a cute brad.

Be sure to head on over to the Gossamer Blue website gallery to see what the other designers have been doing with these kits. You’ll have to become a member to view the gallery, but it’s free, of course, and there is a whole lot of talent over there.

Also, you’ll get to see another batch of inspiration from the November kits when we have the designer blog hop on the 15th.

If you’re not a subscriber to the Gossamer Blue kits, and you love what you’ve been seeing the designers create, I would encourage you to sign up. The kits usually sell out quickly once they go on sale, but a subscription would ensure you get the kits you want. And you can unsubscribe at any time with no penalties. So, even if you want to try it for a month or two, I’d say go for it! The kits are always full of amazing product, and I have really been enjoying each one. And just so you know…I’ve seen peeks of what’s coming in the December kits, and just between us, it’s going to be amazing. Trust me!