Gossamer Blue September Look Book



Hey friends!

Just to let you know, Gossamer Blue posts a Look Book of sneak peeks of their upcoming kit releases each month. Here’s a link to check out the sneaks for this month.

The kits are all so gorgeous I could hardly decide which ones to get.

In addition to the Main kit, I also got the main kit add on, the Bits and Pieces kit, the Life Pages kit, the Life Pages themed add-on, and the Life Pages add-on #3.

The colors in the kits are amazing. Perfect for all those summer beach, pool, vacation photos you’ve taken over the last few months!

If you’re interested in subscribing to receive these kits, head on over to the Gossamer Blue website for more details.






Well, we’re back from our vacation. Lots of fun was had by all. I didn’t get to post any projects while I was away since my connection was so slow there. But, here I am now with a card to share.

I combined lots of randomness on this card. Picked up this and that and combined them. The papers are some older ones from Crate Paper (I think). I painted them with a bit of white paint to tone down some of the colors a little.


You may be able to tell I had the beach on my brain while creating this one. Soft colors, relaxed feel. A weathered and carefree look. And, indeed, it was wonderful to be away for a while. But it’s so good to be back.

I’m ready now to dive into my huge box of Gossamer Blue goodies that arrived just a few days before I left on vacation. I can’t wait to get started on creating my first projects with the September kits. Sneak peeks will be arriving here at Sweet Paper Treats very, very soon! I’m just SO excited! I think you’re really going to love seeing what’s in store!

I can’t believe that school begins in a week!! What?!?! This week will be craaaa-zy! Or cray-cray, as my kids like to say. Lots of last minute back-to-school prep and appointments. A few more times at the pool, hopefully. One last day out with friends, most likely. A few deadlines approaching. But then, I hope to get back into a more regular posting schedule. I am SO ready!! So excited to jump back in. Can’t wait to craft more, exercise my creativity more, share with you more. Let’s do it!


Let’s Celebrate


Hello there! So, this summer has been the record breaking summer for least amount of blog posts ever! Hah! I’m in full on vacation prep mode this week. We leave in a few days for a week at the beach. It’s a lot to prepare and think about when you plan to do most of your own cooking somewhere else for an entire week. Lots and lots and lots of list making going on here this week! Not to mention trying to fit in back to school shopping along with everything else.

But I wanted to share this fun birthday card I created recently with you. This is an idea I had for these stamps pretty much since I got them in my Stamping Royalty prize package and finally just now got around to executing.

The stamps I used for the cake layers come from the Tag Sayings stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. I simply stamped the solid and striped rectangle stamps on top of each other to create cake layers.

The “frosting” comes from the Mom & Dad Sentiments stamp set from Lil’ Inker Designs. I used a dark brown ink and stamped the scallop border stamp, leaving off the last three scallops, to make a pretty frosting-like edge to my cake layers. I stamped them a bit haphazardly for a more playful, and not too structured, look.

Instead of adding candles to the top of the cake, I decided instead to use this sentiment from the Birthday Sampler set from Paper Smooches.

I cut out a cake stand using my Silhouette cameo and popped it up with a bit of foam dimensional adhesive to make it stand out a bit, since it was white on white.

A little flower I’ve had in my stash for almost forever finishes off the pretty little birthday cake.



I have a few more cards to share that I made recently. I hope to share them with you before I leave on vacation, or schedule them to post for you while I’m gone.

I’ve made great headway on my photo organization! Yippee! I’m gearing up for lots of scrapbooking in the near future, so for those of you hoping to see more scrapbook pages, stay tuned!

Now I’m hungry for cake! Maybe I’ll go make some

Gossamer Blue

Hello friends!

I’m SO excited about this announcement today!

Gossamer Blue is a monthly scrapbooking and Project Life kit club. I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the lineup of talented crafters on the Gossamer Blue Design team!

Just in case you haven’t been following the news from Gossamer Blue this week, they are also now their own manufacturer! You will not, I repeat, you will NOT want to miss the fantastic new products released from Gossamer Blue. They are amazing! Here are a few of my favorites from the new lines, including links to the entire blog post on the Gossamer Blue blog so you can check out each line in its entirety.

Gramercy Road:


Pretty, pretty papers! love the colors in this line! love the tiny leaves and the pale blue. Plus, the black just adds a cool crispness that I really love in a fall line.


Those cork circle embellishments are calling my name. Also, enamel dots? Yes, please!

On My Desk:


More pretty papers! I love the red and gold in this line and the black accents. Gems are hot right now, and I love that they’ve been included in this chic new line. I think On My Desk would work great for Valentine’s Day too.


Be still my heart! Those gold transparencies are fabulous! love the badges too!

Get Happy:


I think Christmas lines are hard to get right. lots of times it’s the same old, same old. But not this one! It’s bold and fresh, and a lot of fun! I love the warmth of the wood accents paired with the bold pops of color. Plus, the variety of designs is so refreshing.


These little pockets caught my eye. I think they would be be fun to use in a variety of ways. Pocket scrapbook pages, traditional pages, cards. gift card holders, cute tags for gifts, etc. etc.

And, in case you missed it, Gossamer Blue has a Grab Bag sale going on right now to make room in their warehouse for all the new stuff. You can read all about that right here.

I’m looking forward to sharing lots of Gossamer Blue goodness with you in the next several months.

Thanks for stopping by!



You & Me


So, last weekend I spent the day scrapbooking with a bunch of scrapbooking friends of mine. It was a fun day. Lots of good food, giggles, and of course, scrapbooking. I was working on some simple designs, since I have a goal to get a lot completed this year. This page features some of the old photos I’m still working through in order to fill in some of the gaps in my scrapbooks.

This is a quick and simple page. A design that doesn’t take much forethought. Pretty much equally balanced on both sides and top to bottom. This is my little girl and her daddy. I love photos like this.


I added some embellishment clusters on the top and bottom. A few enamel dots, some mist and a few embellishments from my Studio Calico kits. I actually cut that flower die cut in half so I’d have a piece for both the top and bottom. That’s a great way to stretch your die cut embellishments a little further.


The fun part was layering the patterned papers behind the title cards. A fun way to use a lot of different papers on your page without it getting too overwhelming.  A hand drawn outline around the letters and the white paper mat helps bring it all together.

I welcome your questions about anything you see here on my blog and will do my best top answer them if I can. The other day I received a question from a reader on this post, and thought I’d answer it here in case anyone else deals with the same thing.

Vidya says:

“Your cards look absolutely lovely. I do own the set- Petals and Stems but never get a clean stamped image. It always leaves a spot without ink.( a new one every time) It is highly frustrating. Any tips?”

Thanks for your comment, Vidya. There are a few things I would encourage you to try to get a cleaner stamped image. One, when inking up a larger image, like those flowers, sometimes I find it easier to turn the stamp upside down and apply the ink that way, rather than trying to dab the stamp into the ink pad. Sometimes that helps me see if there are any bare spots missing ink. Sometimes I also give the stamp a wiggle or two when inking it up to make sure the ink is covering all the areas. Two, when stamping your image, it sometimes helps to place your paper over a softer surface, like a mouse pad or a pad of paper. I find that it sometimes helps me get a cleaner image. Also, make sure to give your stamp even pressure. This is a great tool for getting more even pressure on your stamped images. You may want to give that a try. Three, make sure your clear stamps are “prepped” before your first stamping. It helps to rub it gently with a pencil eraser, or even rubbing it over your clothes or a clean cloth to remove some of the manufacturing film. Another thing you can try, although I don’t recommend that you do it every time you stamp, is to first stamp into versa mark ink, then directly into the ink color of your choice. I hope that helps!

It’s going to be an exciting year here at Sweet Paper Treats. There are some things coming up that I am so excited to share with you.

Also, I’ve decided I will be moving my craft space upstairs, in case any of you care to know. I’m still working through it all in my head, but I hope to share the finished space with you sometime down the road. It will be a very small space, so I’m hoping to be able to share a couple of good storage ideas for small spaces. Stay tuned!


Fabulous summer time


Oh, hello!

It’s been a while, I guess, huh?

Sorry about that. But yet…not really. See, there’s this thing called “summer vacation” going on right now. It has caused me to lose all sense of time and responsibility. My alarm clock rarely works these days. When it does, the fan in my bedroom is too loud for me to hear it anyway. So, I often just don’t bother.

The only things I was determined to accomplish this summer were the essentials. That’s it. I really was going to write out a summer manifesto. Just because I like the idea. Because I’m a natural born list maker and planner outer and weird like that. But really, all it would have had on it to do would be “the basics”. Like making sure the house is livable, the kids are surviving, and there’s enough food around to keep everyone happy. And then, if there’s any time left in the day, then maybe tackle something above and beyond the basics.

So far that plan is working out pretty well. It’s nice to not have put any pressure on myself to go, and do, and plan, and go and do some more. We’re taking our summer slow and easy. Spending some afternoons by the pool. Hanging out with friends. Eating fresh, easy to prepare, food. Having days where we’re just quiet, enjoying the chance to just slow down, be still. The kids are reading books, lounging around on the sofas, playing games, hanging with neighbor kids, having way too few responsibilities, and probably way too much screen time.

I’m putting fewer items on my to-do list. Focusing each day on what really needs to be done. And yes, some days I even do get something done besides the basics.

The weekends have been busy, so I feel a little justified about not doing too much throughout the week.


It’s hard to believe that our summer vacation is nearly halfway over. In a few short weeks I’ll be planning for the kids to go back to school. I love these summer days. But I will be ready. My personality can only handle so much laziness. I’m itching already to get back to my normal routine. I tell myself that I can do it. That I can get back to my routine, even if it’s summertime. But then, one too many late bedtimes and all my resolve flies right out the window and morning comes around way too quickly. But I’m going to try. I am.

These days I am:

1. gearing up for a really fun thing that I can’t wait to tell you more about. Yay!

2. Contemplating migrating my craft space to a tiny room right off of our bedroom. Still deciding if it really will work or not. It will require a little downsizing, but it would also mean that I could craft, take photos, and blog, all in the same space. There are a few more drawbacks, and a few more upsides too. Still thinking.

3. Making this salad recipe. It’s just so good! Salads are my favorite dish over the summer.

4. Making this one when I’m in more of a pasta salad mood.

5. Trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy, wholesome desserts, like this one. It’s yummy! Even the kids loved these. They didn’t last long.

6. Loving these sweet little paintings. I think I’d like to make one.

7. Mastering this spray paint technique. It’s super easy and the results are amazing.

A bit about the card: Stamps are from Lil’ Inker Designs, triangle die and enamel dots from Studio Calico, and distress inks in blue and yellow.

Hope you’re all having a great summer so far!


Watercolor for Card Makers: Day 4


I’m continuing to slowly work my way through the class techniques from Watercolor for Card Makers. I know I’m slow, and I’m taking a lot of time to work through them all. I hope you don’t mind. In order to get the most out of a class I feel like I need to actually put into practice what I’ve learned or I will forget it all.

On day four of class we learned the three techniques I’m sharing with you today.

For this first card, the instructor applied inks to an acrylic block and used that as her “stamp pad” by then inking up a background stamp. I don’t own very many background stamps at this point, so instead I pulled out a Studio Calico mask. By pressing the mask into the ink I was able to use it much like I would have used a stamp. When you don’t have the supplies you need, you improvise. And sometimes you find new ways to use the supplies you have.

The end result is a messy, artsy look, which I love.



I added some stitching, a sentiment banner, and a few sequins. The colored paper behind the main image was made by dipping an extra piece of watercolor paper into the extra ink on my acrylic block. Don’t waste that ink! use it to make a fun background to use with your project, or for a brand new project!

The next technique uses gelatos. Gelatos are such a fun medium. I probably don’t use them as much as I should, but they are a really fun way to incorporate a watercolor look to your stamped images.


I used an old stamp from Stampin’ up! for this one, which is probably no longer available. But it was the perfect size and style for this technique. I scribbled the gelatos onto the stamp, wetted it, and then smudged the colors together a little with my finger before stamping it onto watercolor card stock. I used a blending stub to blend it together a little bit more after it was stamped. It leaves behind a soft image, which I think is so pretty!


Add a simple stamped sentiment and a tiny bit of stitching and you have a simple, but elegant, card.

This last technique wasn’t my favorite, and the card I created is a bit out of my normal style. I don’t often create cute and graphic cards, but this time I did. It didn’t feel like “me”, but it’s fun to explore different styles every once in a while.


We used a pencil eraser dipped in watered down ink to create these “bokeh dots”. I thought it would be fun to play around with different sizes of pencil eraser, but alas, I only had one size. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a dotted background using different size dots? Kind of like this? Cute, right? But, since I only had one size, I chose to use different colors instead, just like the instructor showed us.


I love this elite enamel hearts! Cuteness! And they just happened to match my inks so perfectly! The sentiment is from Paper Smooches. I die cut the heart using a die from Papertrey Ink.

That’s all for today, folks! I’d love to hear what you think of today’s techniques. If you have any questions about any supplies I used, please don’t be afraid to ask!

Have a good one!