Watercolor for Card makers: Day 1, technique 3


Hey gang! Thanks for joining me again today! This card shows the third technique we learned on day #1 of the Watercolor for Card Makers class. The class is currently on day #7, but I’m slowly working my way through all the class homework. Each technique is so beautiful and I want to try them all. Who knew there were so many different ways to incorporate watercoloring into your projects? I didn’t.

And, even though this class is called Watercolor for Card Makers, and I’m showing you mostly card examples, I’m thinking a lot of these techniques would look really awesome on scrapbook pages as well. I hope to try some of these ideas out on my pages when class is over.

On this card I stamped and embossed a striped background and then added a watercolor wash over top. The embossing resists the watercolors, which makes such a pretty background.


I also added a bit of watercolor to my die cut leaves to help them be a little more interesting, rather than leave them plain white. I think watercoloring on die cuts is a really beautiful look, and a great one to add to scrapbook pages if you’re wondering how you can use watercolors in your scrapbooking. Kim from Happy Like Yellow does amazing things with watercolors on her scrapbook pages. She is such an inspiration!

The stamps I used for the sentiments are from Avery Elle and an old one from Stampin’ Up!

I got my Stamping Royalty prize package yesterday. Fun!! I can’t wait to ink up some of those stamps and play with the other fun goodies that were included. Speaking of fun contests, have you submitted your cards yet for the 2014 Gallery Idol contest? I submitted one so far and plan to submit a couple more. There aren’t a lot of submissions yet, although I’m sure a lot will come in at the last minute. But, if you’ve been thinking of trying something like that out, here’s your chance! It’s such a fun experience, and I encourage you to give it a whirl!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a Facebook exclusive project for my Facebook fans. Here’s a sneak peek:


This card also showcases one of the techniques we learned on day #1 of class. To see it in its entirety, hop on over and “like” Sweet Paper Treats on Facebook. Click here, or on the link at the top of my sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by today!




Watercolor for Card Makers: Day 1, technique 2


Good morning, everyone!

I’m moving along here with my homework from the Watercolor for Card Makers class. Today’s card uses another technique we learned on day one. I like to call it watercolor “smooshing”. Because, really, that’s what we’re doing. “Smooshing” the watercolors together to make this fun background.

Mine turned out a lot more blotchy looking than the class sample, but in the end I was OK with that, because the colors I chose made me think of stars and galaxies and the blotchiness just seemed to work,  so I went with that to create this card. I chose a rub-on sentiment that says “you are my moon and stars” and added some rub-on and sequin stars to it. I snuck in a little sparkle with the strip of glittered paper and further emphasized my Star theme with a few drops of white mist.


The inks I used here are Tim Holtz Distress inks, which I love for these kinds of techniques because they repel the water and create such fun effects. I really need to get myself a few more!

The star sequins and rub-ons are from one of my Studio Calico kits.

If you’d like to check out the class and get in on the fun, you can check it out here!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last technique from day #1, plus a bonus card for my Facebook fans. Check out, and “Like”, Sweet Paper Treats on Facebook for that.

Happy Monday, y’all!


Watercolor For Card Makers: Class 1, technique 1


Hey guys! It’s a busy Saturday here, but I just wanted to sneak in a few minutes to share some of the homework I’ve been working on from the Watercolor for Card Makers class. This class is uh-MAZ-ing, y’all!!! If you haven’t signed up, I’m sure you still can. We’re currently on day 6 of classes, and each day has been SO.much.fun!! The techniques they’ve been sharing are out of this world. Seriously, you should check it out if you haven’t yet.

I can’t wait to try out more of these techniques, but I plan to do as many of them as I can. I finished all three from day one, so I’ll share them here as I go along.

For the first lesson on the first day we learned how to use watercolors and stencils together to make a fun background. I don’t have very many stencils that would have worked very well. (I’ll share a card using one of them later). But I found a little pocket page insert that I had cut with my Silhouette from a piece of wood paper which has a protective coating on the back. The coated surface worked extremely well for this technique and I think I will try it again sometime with more cut out shapes. I bought the wood paper at Hobby Lobby. It comes in sheets that you can cut, punch, stamp, etc. etc. It’s very cool. I was happy to find one more use for it. Another great thing about using the paper is that my little stencil piece didn’t get ruined. I can use it over and over, or add it to a card or page later.

I laid the stencil I had created from the wood paper down onto my watercolored surface so the paint would pool up a bit while it dried, leaving the fun background behind that you see on the card.


The sentiment was cut from washi tape, also using my Silhouette. I actually covered an entire sheet of card stock with that ombre washi tape and cut out the sentiment suing my Silhouette. It did a great job! I plan to use the washi covered sheet for another project.

So, there’s technique #1 from day #1 of class. What do you think?

Hope you’re having a super wonderful day!



experiments in watercolors



I just signed up for the Online Card class: Watercolor for Card Makers.  It was something I thought about for a while. Did I really need a class to teach me how to watercolor? I was already familiar with a lot of the watercoloring techniques that are so popular right now. And, after all, I could search online and probably find all kinds of techniques for free. Plus, I already have lots and lots of watercolor ideas saved to my Pinterest board that I haven’t tried yet.

But, with just a few days to go before class begins, I decide I would take the plunge. The class is taught by Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner, and Jennifer Rzasa, and if you are familiar with any of those girls, you know that they are all extremely talented ladies that can teach us a lot.

It looks like you get a lot of bang for your buck with this class. It hasn’t even begun yet and I’ve already been inspired in a lot of different ways. When it came down to it I decided to take this class because:

- I’ve never taken a class from Online Card Classes before and I wanted to see what they were like.

- The teachers are phenomenal! I’ve been a fan of Kristina Werner for years. And who doesn’t know who Jennifer McGuire is? Jennifer Rzasa is a fellow Gallery Idol 2013 girl, and she’s awesome!

- I love watercolors. What can I say? Pretty much anything having to do with watercolors catches my eye these days.

- I’ve been in a teensy bit of  a funk lately, feeling like I’ve been making a little bit of the same old, same old. I find that taking a class often helps spur on my creativity. Classes help me look at my supplies in a new way and find new techniques to incorporate when using them. And that’s a very good thing.

- I love the community a class can build. I’ve seen so many of my crafty friends are also taking this class, so it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with.

So, last night I sat down at the kitchen table, armed with my watercolors, paper, a few brushes, and a bunch of ideas in my head. I cut a sheet of watercolor paper into small, 3″x 4″ pieces to make a bunch of small canvases to work with and experiment on. It was so.much.fun, you guys!! It was so relaxing and therapeutic to just sit there and play around, watching the colors swirl and blend. I absolutely loved it!

I decided to use the smaller pieces for a few reasons. One, they are the perfect size to add to a pocket style scrapbook page or to a card. Two, if I mess up one one, it’s not such a big deal. Less potential for waste means I will be more free to just experiment as I want. Three, I wanted to try out a lot of different ideas, and a smaller size helped me do that more easily.

Here’s what I came up with last night:


And a run-down of what I did on each one.

#1: I painted an ombre swatch of blue inks from darkest to lightest and stamped the city scene over top when it was dry.

#2: A rainbow ombre effect. I loaded up my brush and began at the left side, pulling the color over to the right, fading it out as I went. I added the next color while the previous one was still wet so they would blend together.

#3: I masked off a small section and then painted random sized rectangles in various shades of pinks and lavenders. When it was dry I stamped the sentiment.

#4: I wetted the entire paper except for a circle in the center. Then I brushed on my paint, leaving it run together. The paint will go wherever you’ve already made it wet. I stamped that fun sentiment in the middle when it was all dry.

#5: I was inspired by one of the pre class videos that Kristina Werner did when she made a swatch book of all her watercolors by painting them in little squares on a page. I did that here and then wrote over some of them with a pen when they dried.

#6: I just brushed on swatches of several different colors to see how they would look layered over each other. I let each layer dry before adding the next to keep them from flowing together.

I’m so excited for class to begin! Will you be there?



Also, National Scrapbooking Day is tomorrow. Do you have any fun plans? I do plan to get a bit of scrapbooking in if I can between chores. I know Studio Calico and many other online sites have some fun challenges and contests planned. I’m hoping to participate at least a little bit. I’d like to try to incorporate some of these watercolor cards into a page somehow.



Avery Elle- last guest designer project



Today’s a bit sad because it’s my last day to post as a guest designer for Avery Elle. I loved the opportunity to guest design for them, since Avery Elle is one of my very favorite companies and all. And no, I’m not exaggerating. And they don’t pay me or bribe me to say that. They really are one of my favorites right now. But, even though my guest designer gig is over, I still plan to use lots and lots of Avery Elle in the future.

Today I’m using Write It. You should check out this stamp set, if you haven’t already. It’s lovely!

For this card I first stamped the sentiment using the Picked Raspberry Distress Inks onto watercolor paper. then I spritzed it with water to cause the ink to move and spread. When it was dry, I stamped over the sentiment again with black ink.

I used grey ink for the pen, but stamped it off once for a softer look. The ink spots were made by dabbing the end of my ink applicator onto the card. That gave me much more control over where the drops landed, versus just dripping on the ink and hoping for the best.


Some bright and cheerful spring colors seemed to be in order for this card, since I’m really wishing for more warmth and sunshine around here. Spring is taking it’s good old time getting here.

Two things I’m really into right now. Watercolors and layers. And happy colors, so make that three things I’m into right now.

I hope your day is happy!

On my mind

Excuse my lack of crafty posts this week! I’ll have one for you tomorrow, I promise!

On my mind right now:

the weather: I’m waiting, rather impatiently, for the weather to turn warmer. Seems like spring is so reluctant this year! The flowering trees are just beginning to show the tiniest hint of color. Normally they would have been in full bloom a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait for some warm sun to come along so I can get out and start digging in the dirt! The flower beds need some serious attention this year!


food: Seems I just can’t keep enough of it around these days. With two sons who are always on the prowl for food, I’m always thinking of what I need to make or buy at the grocery store. And let’s not even talk about the grocery budget!! Holy food bill! Seems every time I turn around someone has their head poked into the fridge or pantry looking for food to consume. It’s exhausting trying to keep up and trying to make sure they have plenty of good, quality, healthy foods around to eat. I have discovered that a great, healthy snack that will keep them full for a while is a smoothie with chia seeds thrown in. The chia helps to keep their tummies full for a while. If only I could add chia to every single thing I make, then maybe I could stretch the grocery budget a little farther.


laundry: It’s never, ever, ever done! Ever! Especially ironing the clothes. A job I despise! I do as little of it as possible, making sure to hang things up straight out of the dryer. But there are always those pieces that are still wrinkled. I’m thinking I will put on a movie today to watch while I iron clothes. That should make an incredibly boring job a bit more tolerable. Any suggestions? If there was any job I would hire someone to do, ironing clothes would be the first one!

scrapbooking: I’m reeeeally itching to do some scrapbooking. It’s been too log. I’m not doing so well on my operation scrapbook goal. I am working on sorting through alllllll my photos and getting everything organized into folders so I can see if there is anything I missed. We recently got a new, better external hard drive to store our photos. One with much more storage space. But, in the process of switching everything over, our files pretty much got all disorganized. I wasn’t very organized with my photos to begin with, but now they were just a mess! It bugged me a lot, but I kept ignoring it because it seemed like such a huge task. But now that I’ve begun sorting, it makes me so very happy to see all the neat little organized files all in a row. Bliss! Then I plan to go through my scrapbooks and organize the pages I already have completed and make sure everything is properly dated. So, I guess I have been making some progress on the scrapbooking front. Just not anything that you can see.


this old house: I’ve got so many projects I want to tackle right now! Some painting. Some decorating projects. Some big, some small. I don’t quite know which one to do first. But I should have plenty of weekend projects to share. Just as soon as I actually get any done!

cleaning: Cleaning the house isn’t always my favorite job. Nor is it my least favorite. Sometimes I get into a cleaning mood, and nothing around me is safe. I’ve been feeling the urge to do some deep spring cleaning lately. I’m getting ready to rip apart the beds and clean them right down to the mattress, take down curtains, clean out closets. etc. etc. I’m armed with some new, great smelling essential oils to make my own, chemical free, cleaners. It sure would help put me even more into the mood to clean if the sun was shining. Hear that, Mr. Sun? You’ve been a slacker lately!

What’s on your mind these days?




Friday’s Favorite Finds


 Image from © Lime Lane Photography

Hi friends! I thought it would be fun to share a few things I’ve discovered recently that have inspired me. I always love it when others pass on their fun finds. Link-up posts are some of my favorites. I’ve found so many fun ideas and inspiring projects and blogs through other’s sharing them. Here are some things that have been my favorites lately.

Happy like yellow blog.  Every once in a while I come across a paper crafter whose work just simply takes my breathe away. Kim from Happy Like Yellow is just one of those people. I could look at her projects for hours. They are so beautiful! So feminine and pretty. So many details and different elements and layers. I especially loves how she incorporates water colors and similar mediums into her work. This project is one of my favorites.

Ever need amazing free photos for your blog or other projects? This girl has put together an amazing list of free photos from a ton of different sites that you can use for your needs. I’d like to explore this list a bit more. I can see this coming in quite helpful from time to time. The image above is one I found from this blog post.

Wouldn’t this make a beautiful card? I just love it! You can see more watercolor ideas on my watercolor Pinterest page.

This is such a beautiful example of pocket style scrapbooking! Beautiful!!

I’ve found these instructions for propagating succulents to be quite helpful.  Now have a whole tray of succulent leaves waiting to grow new babies!

Woven decor pieces have been intriguing to me lately. Here’s one I wouldn’t mind trying.

This card is just.so.gorgeous!!! Love the colors. love the sequins. love the watercolors. Love!

Here’s another set of amazing cards from Nicole Migouirk for Mama Elephant. I love that technique!

And a few recipes I’d like to try sometime very soon: Strawberry season is just about here and this yummy looking salad looks like a winner.  Also, these nut butters look so delicious! I’d love to experiment with making some of my own.

Avery Elle: Miss You!


I’m back again today with another little Avery Elle number to share with you! Today’s card was made using the cute new Storybook stamp set that was just released. You can see more projects I made using this set here and here.

I kept today’s card simple by using a few die cut speech bubbles to hold the sentiment and a bit of stamping. That mouse may be small, but he’s got a lot to say! I don’t know why, but I just think he looks a tiny bit sad and lonely. Like he needs a friend. And that’s how I chose to make this a “miss you” card. The little mouse looks as if he’s missing somebody, don’t you think?


I colored the mouse with some watercolor pencils and popped him up on some foam adhesive. I added some enamel dots in the same color as the background paper to just add a touch of something.

I hope you like this simple little card. Be sure to visit the Avery Elle blog for more inspiration!

I won’t be blogging much this week. I’ve got a couple of things going on this week that will keep me away, but I hope to hop right back in again next week with more crafty stuff. In the meantime, I’ll have a link up of some of my favorite things found around the web right now going up on Friday. So stop back in and check that out.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!



Easter tablescape


Easter tablescape

Good morning! Happy Good Friday! I’m so excited that we get to celebrate Easter Sunday in a couple of days. I thought it would be fun to create an Easter tablescape this year. I was hoping to bring this post to you a little earlier than this, but I had another project I needed to finish up first, so this got pushed back a little. However, there is still time to put a little something special together of your own. I used some very basic supplies to create these projects.

Easter is one of my very favorite days to celebrate. I think, for the Christian anyway, it should be celebrated as much as, or even more than, Christmas is. The birth of our Savior is an amazing thing to celebrate, but it didn’t end with His birth. That was just the beginning! His death and resurrection were what His coming here to earth was all about. To redeem sinful people like you and me! I can’t help but celebrate Easter with my heart swelling with joy and gratitude for what he has done for me! And each year it seems to become even more special and meaningful to me.

I wanted to create a tablescape that incorporated lots of raw, earthy textures with some pretty springtime colors. I chose to work with burlap, woven natural placemats, blacks, white and grays.


Maybe some of you remember this sneak peek I posted last week. It contains some of the elements and colors I was going for.

I created that word art piece by writing words on a white sheet of paper using my gouache paints. I wrote several words and phrases that depicted what the Easter season means to me.  Some of the words and phrases I used were:

Hallelujah! He is risen. Love has overcome. The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive! Life broke forth. Hope springs new. Death has been defeated. Beautiful Savior. Etc.

I copied my artwork onto kraft card stock and cut it into strips to wrap around my napkins.


The flowers were cut from card stock using my Silhoette Cameo and a 3-D aster flower I downloaded from the Silhouette online store. I chose a peachy card stock for the petals of my flowers, along with a pale pink for the center petals. The stamens are a deep, dark brown and the leaves bring a refreshing pop of green. These were really easy to make. The most time consuming part was the assembly, but even that didn’t really take that long. I was amazed how well the Silhouette can make very detailed cuts like those stamens. I love that machine!


I also decorated some eggs in a black and white scheme, using watered down acrylic ink and a Sharpie marker. I found that pretty grass at the greenhouse this week. It’s called cat grass and it’s so pretty!


I was on the lookout for some salmon or pale pink flowers to use on my table, but I wasn’t able to find any. These orange and pink tulips were the closest thing I could find, but that’s OK. I love them anyway.


Our dining room is still waiting on some finishing touches, but it’s coming together. I am loving it so far. Especially our table. It’s one of my very favorite pieces of furniture that we own. We didn’t have a formal dining room before, so it’s fun to have a place where I can experiment with decorations like this.



A few more things you could do with the watercolored word art:

1. print it out, frame it, and hang it on your wall or display it somewhere where it would be visible from the table.

2. Print out enough to wrap around the flower pots instead of using the burlap.

3. Have it printed onto plain cloth napkins that you could use over and over again.

We’re planning to celebrate Easter a bit differently this year. We will be attending our normal church service, but then we’ll come home and have dinner with just us instead of spending it with Eric’s family, who got together last week when it didn’t work for us to come. We’ll hide eggs for Chloe to find (the boys are pretty much past the egg hunt stage). Then we plan to head to my sister’s house for the evening for my family get together. It’s been a year (last week) since my mom’s death, so it will be a time of remembrance with a balloon release for the kids, and so on.

But through it all I want my focus to be on what my dear Savior ultimately did for me. I owe Him everything!

Blessings to you and yours! I wish you all a beautiful weekend! thanks so much for stopping by!

Avery Elle- Write It


I’m happy to be sharing another Avery Elle project from the new release today. This stamp set, called Write It, is just so pretty! You can check it out here. The large script sentiments are so pretty on their own that you can quickly whip up a fancy looking card in no time at all.

I stamped the sentiment once and then stamped it off a few times, adding in a few of the curlicues for good measure. A few drips of mist and some wood veneer stars finish it off. I love that the sentiment is great as a stand alone. Seriously, you could just simply stamp this sentiment on a card and call it done. Beautiful!



Handwritten words and phrases and calligraphy are so very popular right now, and I love that Avery Elle has taken that and applied it to some amazing stamps. Not everyone can have  pretty hand writing, but anyone can use stamps like these to make beautiful projects.

You may want to head on over to the Avery Elle blog to see more fantastic projects made with the new release items. I have no doubt the Avery Elle team will knock your socks off. They’re talented like that.

What do you think of the newest Avery Elle release?