Gossamer Blue October reveal day #1

It’s October, y’all! How that’s even possible, I have no earthly idea.

But you know what this means, right? It’s time to reveal another awesomely fantastical kit from Gossamer Blue!

Each month I pinch myself when my kits come because I just can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to get to design for such an amazing company! Each month the kits are just so beautiful, and this month is no exception.

This time around I thought I’d do things a little differently. Instead of posting all my October kit projects on one day, I’m dividing them up between two days.

So, here’s the first card I made with the October kit.

This card was made with contents of the main kit only.


Awesome products from Crate Paper, Teresa Collins, and Chickaniddy Crafts, to name a few.

The Crate Paper rub-ons were one of my favorite products from the entire kit this month. I couldn’t stop using them. I made myself save a few for other projects. The images are really fun and unique, and it’s been a while since I’ve used rub-ons. I just love ‘em! And these go on like butter! A must for rub-ons, in my opinion.



I like these colors for fall. The die cuts are perfect for fall-ish projects. Isn’t that exclusive stamp cute? I think it would be great used as a tab on scrapbook pages.

The second card I made is using the Life Pages only kit.


I was in the mood for some fall leaves, so I die cut some from some of the Life pages cards that came with the kit. The pink wood grain one is my personal favorite. These colors may not be typical fall colors, but I like the softness.


The fact that the brads match the papers perfectly makes me happier than it probably should. Paper crafters understand, am I right? I couldn’t resist adding some messy white mist splotches.

The hello stamp is just one from the set that comes with the kit. The entire set is really cute, and perfect for scrapbook pages.

Speaking of scrapbook pages, I’m finally done with the daunting and frustrating, task of sorting through all of our photos. Now I can begin to sort through my scrapbook pages, figure out if I have any missing photos, and start ordering photos to make more pages. Having all these fantastic supplies coming each month is seriously getting me in the mood for some kick butt scrapbooking sessions. Anyone with me?

I’ll share two more cards from this month’s kits tomorrow.

You can go HERE to order your very one Gossamer Blue kits. You can’t go wrong. You can decide to cancel at any time with no fees. Here’s a link to the FAQ page so you can find out more.

In other news, today is this kid’s birthday!


We are now parents to teenager #2. Just like that. I swear, he was a baby yesterday. This is the boy that likes to do little annoying things until we either laugh or cry. Mostly we laugh because he’s usually so stinking funny. The one that is a little shy and quite, until you get to know him, like me. The kid who can imitate so many voices that I’m convinced he’s going to do voice overs someday. The one who hates to perform in front of others, but will stand up and defend the kid getting picked on. The one who is funny, smart, sensitive, shy, sincere, thoughtful, exasperating and just awesome, all rolled up in one. Sometimes even all in the same day. Happy birthday, Isaiah the Great! Goodness, I love this kid!

Hope your day is awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Gossamer Blue October sneak peeks!


I’ve got a few sneak peeks at the October gossamer Blue kits for you today. I can’t believe it’s almost time for a new reveal! Seems like this month has just flown by! But I’m ready for October. Ready for the leaves to change colors. Ready for sweatshirts and warm socks.

The colors of the October kits are so pretty. We’ve got some rusts and greens for fall, but there is just enough paler shades to still use for end-of-summer projects, if you will.

Here are my sneaks for October:

Main Kit only:



Life Pages kit only:



Main kit, Bit’s & Pieces kit, Life Pages themed add-on:



Main kit, Bits & Pieces kit:



I’ll be back in a few days to show you the full reveal. I can’t wait!

See anything you like?

Journaling Bible- I am His!

So, WordPress just sent me a gentle reminder that I haven’t visited this place in a while. I guess that’s pretty bad when you have to be reminded to visit your own blog, right? I’ve been consumed lately. I haven’t been blogging, haven’t been on Facebook very much. My visits to Instagram and Pinterest have been minimal as well. I’ve been keeping my nose to the grind stone and focusing on the most important tasks at hand. Slowly I am chipping away at tasks that can’t wait, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think. I think today I will focus on getting some of those few stubborn ones crossed off my list. My house may or may not get cleaned, but it can wait until next week, right. I’m laundering the bedding. That should count for something.

So, anyway, I’ve been enjoying my time with the Lord, but it’s been a little while since I’ve taken the time to do any Bible Journaling. This morning this verse stuck out to me and I was struck by how beautiful it is, so I sat down at my desk and made this page and thought I’d share it. I have some sneak peeks of some new Gossamer Blue coming up, but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy this.



I went a bit of a different route this time. And what I mean by that is that I didn’t use any stickers or tags or anything like that, but decided to use mostly my own handwriting this time. I added some color by brushing on some spray mist. I feel like that helps add some color without saturating the thin pages too terribly much. Yes, there is a little bleed through from the color and marker, but it doesn’t bother me at all. If I should decide to do the other side of the page at some point I can simply cover it up.

I also sprayed the entire page with a clear spray that has a shimmer to it, because I really like the shine. It did make my page wrinkle a little, but that doesn’t really bother me too much either. I really try not to stress about it much. I do what comes to my mind and heart to do and just have fun with it and not worry too much about the end result.



This verse is found in Isaiah 43:1. It says: But now this is what the Lord says- he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel; “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”

I especially love the part that says “I have summoned you by name. You are mine.”

Just like a woman sold into sex slavery is only known to those who use and abuse her by the number she wears, and not her name. Like the person held captive in a prison camp wears a an identifying number on their body and are not known by name, but as just one  of the worthless many. Satan also attempts to strip us of our identity. We are not special to him. We are just one of the captives. A worthless thing to use and abuse.

But Jesus…..Jesus pays for our freedom with His own blood, calls us by name, and says we’re His. How beautiful is that kind of love! It takes my breath away!

Satan knows that when we find our identity in Christ, we find our voice. We find our power. He will do anything to keep us bound up. He will tell us all sorts of lies. He’ll tell us we’re worthless. That we’re alone. That no one really cares. That we’ve messed up so badly that we can no longer be useful. That we’re garbage. That we might as well not even try because it’s just too hard.

But Christ? He comes and says “This, dear one, is who you are. This is who I created you to be. You matter so much to me that I was willing to lay down my life for you and purchase your freedom with my own blood. You are not just one of the multitude of nameless souls. You are precious. I know your name. And you are mine.”

This is so exciting to me. And I pray that you would know how very much He loves you! He wants to set you free from whatever holds you bondage right now. He already knows your name. It’s on His heart. He wants to call you His and write your name down in His book.



There’s lots going on this weekend with the family, so my mind is spinning in a lot of different directions. From a birthday party, to a camp out to stuff going on at church, we’ll be out and about a lot. Not much time to squeeze much in between different events. But, I will hopefully be stopping by with a few sneak peeks of the October Gossamer Blue kits. I have a few things left to finish up, but I think I can share a few tomorrow, so I hope you’ll stop back.

Thanks for joining me today and thank you for putting up with my sporadic blogging. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Blog tour

I was recently tagged by the sweet and super talented Beshka Keuser to do a favorite scrapbooker blog hop. Thanks, Beshka!! Be sure to check out her blog. Her photos are so inspiring to me.


1. What am I working on right now?

I just finished a bunch of projects on my list, so now I’m ready to dive into my October kits for Gossamer Blue. That means lots of cards coming up. I don’t have anything started on my table yet, but that’s what is next on my list.

2. How long does it take to complete a project?

Hmmm…that depends. If I have an idea brewing, i can usually crank out a card in 15 minutes. A scrapbook layout in maybe 30. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on how things fall together.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment? 

Wood accents. Gold anything. Brush script anything. My Gossamer blue kits. Love them. they make putting projects together so easy!

4. How does my writing/creative process work? 

I am usually inspired by a photo I’ve seen somewhere, like Pinterest, that I think would translate well into a paper crafted project, or I am inspired just by the product itself. Then I see how well that works out. Sometimes it comes out just like I imagined, but other times not. And that’s OK. I’m trying to be less structured and just go with it and see how things turn out. My process is more organic, these days I guess. More me, less copying others. I want to see what comes out of my own heart and head. That makes me happy.

5. How do I become inspired or stay inspired?

Well, I already mentioned Pinterest. That is my go-to place for inspiration. It’s not hard to get inspired. It’s the staying inspired that is harder for me. Sometimes other responsibilities steal my inspiration away before I have a chance to do anything about it. In a perfect world, I would be able to sit down immediately and work when inspiration strikes, but life happens, and that’s usually not the case. When I’m having a creative slump where inspiration just isn’t happening, it helps me to step away and take a break. I often doesn’t work well for me if I try to force it. So I will do things like head to the local book store and read a few magazines (home decor magazines are my favorite). Or work on a different kind of project other than paper crafting. Or I organize something in my home. When my home feels chaotic I find it harder to be inspired.

6. What is my signature style?

I’m not sure I can nail down my signature style. Do I have one? I don’t know. I feel like it’s always shifting and changing as my interests and things that inspire me change. I definitely like white space. I like things clean, but with a little twist thrown in. I like messy, but clean messy, does that even make sense? Probably not to anyone except me. It’s like my home. My goal is for it to be clean, but not sterile. Relaxed and simple, but not cluttered. Familiar and welcoming, but a little surprising. I like a bit of an eclectic feel. A bit of the unusual. Something unexpected to keep things interesting. Does my paper crafting style reflect that? I don’t know. You tell me?

How fun! Thanks, Beshka!

I am tagging the super sweet, funny and talented, Stephanie Howell.


I’ve been reading Stephanie’s blog for years and she’s still one of my favorites to read. Her scrapbooking style is fun, laid back, and easy. I like that. She makes me laugh and cry with stories of her four sweet and sassy daughters and her life in Italy with her handsome soldier. I’ve felt a connection to her as a mom over the years, so it was so much fun for me to actually get to “meet” and connect with her through the Gossamer Blue design team.

And also the awesomely talented Danielle Flanders!

peace card1

Danielle has been a favorite card maker and scrapbooker of mine for years! I have many of her projects pinned to my inspiration board. Danielle has more talent packed into her little pinky than most of us do in our entire body. She’s on several popular design teams, including Gossamer Blue. Some people seem to run out of steam when they serve on several teams, but Danielle continues to crank out one stunning project after another. Her blog is such a treat to visit. You will be inspired, for sure!

I hope you’ll check out both of these awesome ladies! I’m thrilled to point you in their direction!



Mister Huey Masks- a Gossamer Blue designer blog post


Hey there, everyone! It’s my day to post over on the Gossamer Blue blog today. I’m sharing some fun ideas for using the Studio Calico masks that came with the September Life Pages add-on #3. I love masks. There are just so many ways to use them. I was going to show you just a few different ideas, but then when I started I just couldn’t stop. I had to try one more thing! So, that means I have four mask ideas over on the Gossamer Blue blog today, and four more ideas here! That makes 8 crazy cool ideas for using your masks, in case you weren’t counting.

So head on over to the Gossamer Blue blog and check those ideas out, then come back here to read the rest of this post. Or, if you’re so inclined, read through this post first, then head over there to see more. It makes no difference to me. You’ll just want to be sure to check them all out.


I love to use my masks two ways, the positive and the negative, to get the most use out of them. For these next two ideas, I applied color to the back side of my mask, then flipped them over and “stamped” them onto my page.

I used two different mediums to get two different looks.

This one is using Glelatos:


I scribbled on the back side of the mask with a few coordinating colors of gelatos. Then I wet it with a mister and blended the colors a little with my finger before flipping it over and stamping. I love the messy look of this. I love that the blending of the colors changes with the amount of water used. You can see that I used more water in some places than others. You have to play around with it a little to figure out what you like best.



This “stamping” technique uses distress inks:


I dabbed the back side of my masks with three colors of distress inks, then misted it with water to allow the colors to blend. Then I laid it down on the surface of my paper and carefully pulled it away. What I love about this techniques is the interesting pools of colors that are left behind. You could probably try this with any type of ink pad, but to get blending like this the distress inks are the best because they’re specially formulated to blend together when mixed with water.

I added this piece to a photo pocket scrapbook page:


I also used another piece on this page made using a mask technique. The upper left corner piece uses a watercolor look also, but it’s done in an entirely different way.

using watercolors:



I taped my mask down onto a piece of watercolor paper, then used my watercolors to brush color into the negative spaces. After it was completely dry, I removed the tape and added a few spritzes of black paint. For this technique, you could use watercolors like I did, or watered down ink refills or spray mists, diluted acrylic paints and more.

Here’s a closer look at the two pieces I used on the scrapbook page:


The last idea I have to share with you today is similar to the stamping technique, but it takes it a step further.

Faux letterpress:


Did you know you could use your masks like an embossing folder? And by adding some inks to the mask before running it through the embossing machine (I use my Big Shot), the end result looks very much like letterpress. It’s a little bit difficult to see in the photo, but the masks will not leave quite as deep of an impression as an embossing folder would. I used three colors of spray inks for this one. The great thing about using spray inks is that some of them have a shimmery substance added to them, so, even though you can’t see it on the photo, the color has a beautiful shimmery luster to it. I love it!

IMG_8855 That texture just makes me happy!

Be sure to check out 4 more ways to use your Mister Huey masks over on the Gossamer Blue blog. I’d love it if you’d drop me a comment (here or there) to let me know which of these techniques is you favorite!

Thanks for stopping by!

These days…

I know it’s been quiet here on my blog. But my life has been anything but, which explains a lot. There were many times I’d get an idea and think “Oh, I should blog about that”, and in the very next instant my mind was somewhere else, frantically trying to pare down the things on my to-do list,  and I’d forget all about what it was I wanted to blog about.

If it’s not chauffeuring my kids around, then it’s cooking, or cleaning, or organizing, or taking care of church responsibilities.

In the last week I’ve also taken photos of some really cute kids:






I’m not a professional by a long shot, and I have no intentions of going in that direction. At all. I like photography, but it’s not my passion, and I can’t see myself doing it a lot and still enjoying it. But I do like to photograph kids. And babies. I get to photograph my new niece or nephew in a few weeks once he or she makes an appearance, and I’m really looking forward to that. So, just doing it every once in a while is just a great way to get some practice and learn some new things. That’s it.

I also taught a class for a woman’s group at my church this week. We made paper bead jewelry using this tutorial by Cindy Leibel.


I’m busy planning a surprise party for my son who is about to turn 13.

I’ve been creating projects for my first Gossamer Blue blog post, going live on Sunday.

I’ve been making and planning projects to make for the current call for submissions from Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking magazine. It’s been several months since I’ve submitted anything. It was a good break, and I needed it. I went through a spell where I felt like I didn’t have many fresh ideas. But I feel like I could get back into it again.

Overall, it hasn’t been just one big thing that’s been keeping me busy, but a million and one little things that seem to demand my attention immediately. Things I can’t push off until later. So blogging gets pushed aside every once in a while.

And such is life.

So, what have you been up to?


Journaling Bible- Feet on a Rock



I had more fun creating in my journaling Bible. Not only is this fun to me because I get to decorate my Bible while learning and growing in my faith, but it’s also a really quick and easy artistic fix. The smaller space makes it easy to do in just a few minutes.

My goal is not to spend a lot of time making my pages, but to keep them simple enough to do in spurts of 10-15 minutes at a time. The last thing I’d want is for a project like this to get cumbersome. After all, the goal is to spend time in the Word. This is only to help me remember what the Lord has been teaching me while enjoying connecting with Him through the creative process.


This time I chose to highlight Psalm 40, verses 1-3.  These verses speak about how the Lord hears our cries and draws us up out of the slimy pit, out of the mire. When I reflect back on what God has brought me out of, what He has rescued me from, I am so thankful! I wasn’t into all kinds of “bad” stuff, like drugs, alcohol, etc. But He rescued me from the filth of my own anger and pride, my self centeredness, the pains of past hurts and insecurities. He heard my cry for deliverance from a depressed state of mind and and a feeling of being unloved and unworthy, and began a healing process in me that is still going on today. He created a safe place for my feet to land and began to show His Father heart of love to me. I am secure in Him and I have a firm foundation that will never be moved!



I pulled out my seldom used chalks for this page. As you can see, I’ve had them for a while, but I don’t think to use them much anymore. But they were great for this project. The colors are subtle and transparent enough to allow the text to show through. I know some people cover up the text in their Bibles, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I enjoy using mediums that still allow the text to show through. I created the diamond pattern by brushing the chalk over a stencil using just my finger and blending the colors together. I think I’ll have to try this on a scrapbook page now, because I love the effect.

If you have any questions or thoughts about my journaling Bible process, have thoughts to share on these Bible passages, or would like to share your testimony of God’s rescuing Grace, I’d so love to hear it. I always enjoy reading your comments!

Thanks so much for stopping by!