Cards with Gossamer Blue December cut files and printables

Hey guys! It was day to share over on the Gossamer Blue blog yesterday. I shared a couple of cards I made using the cut files and printables for December for kit subscribers. You can pop on over there to see that post as well, if you’d like.

GBdec1 copy


This card uses one of the cut files included with a December kit subscription. I used watercolors to give it a fun look. I had added some ink splatters to the card background, but decided they were too bright and distracting. So, I layered a piece of vellum over top to soften the colors a bit.

GBdec2 copy


This next card uses one of the December printables.

GBdec3 copy


That cute little tag is included on the sheet of printables this time. I thought it was so cute with the little colorful triangles on it. I paired it with a die cut flower and a couple of cork accent pieces for this simple card.

GBdec4 copy


There are many, many more cut files and printables included with your subscription each month. I just barely scratched the surface of what is available for subscribers. I feel like these digital elements are just another way that Gossamer Blue seeks to add value to their kits each month.

There are lots of great ones coming up in the January kits too, and I hope to use a bunch of them for my January projects. If you aren’t a kit subscriber, you can find all the details here. Remember that you can choose to unsubscribe at any time if you find it’s not what you’re looking for.

What kinds of digital elements do you most enjoy using on your projects? Is there anything in particular you’d like to learn, or have any questions about about ways you can use digital elements like these yourself?

Workspace Wednesday



I stopped by a local antiques shop yesterday, and my eyes spotted this pretty pink vintage thread on a vintage bobbin. I immediately began imagining how pretty it could look on some projects. I don’t know if I’ll get to use it on any Christmas projects this year, but I’m thinking this pink, yellow and neutrals color combo would be just about perfect. Right now I’m just staring at it, enjoying it just the way it is. Maybe it will find its way into my December Memories album. Or maybe it will be just the thing for some cute Valentines. A any rate, I think it joust may stay on my desk for a while. It’s too pretty to put away.

December Memories- the first few pages

Last week was a doozy! I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I felt so on behind in all my Christmas plans and preparations. I had taken on a few more responsibilities than I should have and had so many things to focus on at once that I felt like I couldn’t focus on any.

I was behind on my December Memories album, had over a hundred photos to edit, was trying to get everything ready for a craft session I had agreed to lead, was getting the kids ready for a couple of programs, plus, on top of it all I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

I managed to squeak through the week, but with less than two weeks until Christmas, it felt like it was all crashing down around me. I didn’t feel joyful or peaceful, or full of holiday cheer. I was overwhelmed and cranky.

But, over the weekend I was able to find the time to finish editing all those photos and sit down to work on my December Memories album. The funny thing is that, as I worked, I started to feel more relaxed and sane again. It was just the distraction I need to to get my mind back to where it needed to be. I’m feeling better this week, both physically and mentally, and I’m ready to tackle the last remaining days before Christmas. And I feel like I can enjoy myself and get into a frame of mind more fitting for this beautiful season.

I wanted to share the pages I’ve completed so far in my December Memories album.


On day 1 I recorded our advent packages, since we began opening the packages on December 1st.




This also was deer hunting season, and my husband took our boys out hunting. Fortunately, he took a couple of photos with his cell phone, so I was able to record that event, even though I wasn’t there with them.

On the right for Day 2, I included a screen shot of my Pinterest Christmas board. It this point it doesn’t look like I’ll be tackling any of those projects on there, but it is interesting to see what kinds of things I was hoping to do this year. We’ll see how much that board changes until next year.


Day 3 includes a photo of our little nativity set. It’s not an expensive one. I just picked it up at Goodwill a few years ago, but I’ve come to love it, and the kids enjoy getting it out each year. This year Chloe got to have that job. In fact, she did most of the tree decorating this year as well. We had the tree up for a few days beforeI got enough lights to cover the entire thing. But then I didn’t have the time to help with hanging the ornaments. She kept asking me if I could help her, and I felt so bad saying I just did  to have the time at the moment. She did an awesome job, though, and I think she was pretty proud of her work. I’m hoping to be able to sit down with her tonight and make a few handmade ornaments to add to the tree.

I don’t have a photo for day 4 yet. I think I’ll include a photo of the lit tree. I plan to add the photo to the back side of that gold chevron bag. I might tuck extra photos or cards we’ve received into the bag later.


I’m still working on days 5 and 6, so let’s see day 7. We got our tree on day 7. I had several photos I wanted to include, so I made several pages for this day.







Getting our tree is always a fun event. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Everyone is always in a crazy mood, and the kids run around and play hide and seek in the trees, even though they’re teenagers now. I love it!


My sons also had a youth group Christmas Ball on day 7, although my younger son was sick with the flu and wasn’t able to attend.  I included a group photo of my oldest son with a bunch of his friends. I forgot to get a photo of him all dressed up for the ball! Grr! I’m considering making him put his outfit on for me so I can take a photo. I know he’d be thrilled :)


I was the designated photographer for the Christmas Ball, so that little camera embellishment fit perfectly.



Day 8 on the left was my daughter’s violin program. She also played in her school Christmas program, and I’ll include those photos on another page.

On the right side is day 9. My sisters and I got together for or annual Christmas cookie bake. We made lots of cookies, but i hope to do more. I still haven’t done the traditional cut-outs the kids and I do every year.


I’m actually not sure yet which day this page will be for. i just like this photo a lot and wanted to include it somewhere. I attached it to a sheet of vellum that I cut to size. Notice anything funny? That Get Happy paper underneath is totally upside down! It’s the back side to another page I did for later, so i don’t know yet what i’ll do with that. cover it up or leave it?

So, that’s what I;ve got for now. I’m enjoying making this album, but I feel a little like i still don’t know exactly what I’m doing. I think next time I will have a better idea of how my process should go and what works and doesn’t work for me.

I’ll share more soon! Have an awesome day!

Christmas Advent Boxes



I wanted to share these advent boxes with you a few days ago, but the time got away from me. I’ve been scurrying around, making sure the kids all have something to wear for their Christmas programs and recitals this weekend and working on a craft I’ll be sharing at an event next week. I didn’t get these finished until December 1st, so I was running behind from the start. There’s supposed to be music playing with this GIF, but it’s not working. I’m not sure why.

We’re ready to open day 5 now, and so far we’ve opened:

day 1- a box of Lindor truffles (one of my favorites)

day 2 (we switched day 2 and day 3) more treats

day 3- fleece fabric to make scarves to hand out at a shelter. We didn’t make them yet.

day 4- a gingerbread village kit (I’m not even going to pretend I’m that super mom who bakes and cuts out all her own gingerbread. I’ve never even made gingerbread!)

day 5 (today)- we’ll open popcorn and snacks for a family movie night. Although I’m not sure our schedule will allow that to happen tonight.

Thoughts on the advent boxes so far:

1. My kids are older (ages 15, 13, and 9). They are not all into the advent boxes. And at 15 and 13 years old, it’s OK. I totally get it. But I’m still choosing to do this for the sake of the 9 year old. The 13 year old is still somewhat interested. Especially when treats are involved. And he did get excited about the gingerbread village. But I don’t want the youngest to miss out on special things, just because her older brothers have outgrown it. I did special things for them when they were younger that she wasn’t fully able to participate in. I plan to do things like this as long as she is interested. Then I will do it for grandchildren once they come along. LOL! I know, let’s not push it!

2. I wanted to include some treats, like the chocolates, but not all candy and sweets. Heaven knows we already get plenty of that around the holidays. I also wanted to include some small gifts for the kids and some service projects, like the scarves. I didn’t want the focus to be only on them and what they will get out of it, but to think of ways we can bless others during this time of year. I have to admit, there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement over the scarves. But I think we can make it a fun family project. I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit it in any time in the next few weeks, but I figured it’s ok if it gets done after Christmas is over too.

3. I kept all of these very simple. Not too fussy. For one, I didn’t have a lot of time to work on these. With hosting Thanksgiving, then spending the next couple of days with family, my time was limited. But isn’t everybody’s? Keep it simple. The kids are only going to rip it open and destroy it anyway.

4. I really planned out what day included what. In fact, it was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I wanted to make sure that I gave the project ones on days where we’d have our evenings free so we could work at them right away (although so far that hasn’t panned out). I kept the ones they could enjoy right away (like candy and small gifts) for the days I knew we’d have other things going on. Our schedule is pretty tight over the next couple of weeks, and this turned out to be more challenging than I thought.

5. You can see that I used a mixture of boxes, bags, and envelopes. The envelopes are holding either tickets for an event to enjoy together, or instructions for a service project.

Anyway, I will share more as we go along. What I think worked and what didn’t. I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you may have, or ideas you’ve used for your advent projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


Swan Song blog hop


I’m not sure I even know where to begin this post. It is with great joy, but also great sadness, that I join together with my fellow paper crafters to honor the wonderful people behind Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine.  And I struggle to find the words to say goodbye.

Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine recently made the difficult decision to cease publication, and a few of us (OK, so more like a whole big bunch of us. Like a couple hundred!) got together to honor the amazing people we love at Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine with a Swan Song blog hop. If you’ve been hopping along, you may have come here from Giovana Smith’s blog. Welcome to all of you, whether you’re joining me here for the blog hop, or otherwise. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll take the time to say hello.


Over the years I have had the honor and privilege of having many projects featured within the pages of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine’s print and digital publications, have had several of my cards featured on the Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking blog and the Moxie Fab World blog, took part in some really fun and amazing contests (such as Gallery Idol and Stamping Royalty),  got to work with people within the industry and make new friends who share my passion for paper crafting, and was challenged and stretched creatively.

My favorite publication assignment of all was the special edition of Tips and Tricks 2012, because I got to design an entire collection of items featuring ideas for using buttons. It was a really fun assignment, and I feel so grateful to have had opportunities like that because of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine. Many years ago, as a fairly new paper crafter, I told a friend of mine that it was a goal of mine to someday have my work published. Thanks to publications such as Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine and others, I was able to see that goal become a reality, many times over. I’m so proud to have reached that goal, and I’m grateful for Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine for the role they played in helping me see that dream come true.


A little about the card. I drew the background design with a gold pen from American Crafts. The rub-on and banner are from Crate Paper. The label is an old one from Studio Calico. The sequins are from Studio Calico and Teresa Collins. The stamped sentiment is from Papertrey Ink. I also added some splotches of gold paint and some stitching, because I can’t seem to make a card without stitching and/or splotches these days.

So, how do we say goodbye? It’s hard to let something go that has come to mean so much to all of us.

So Jennifer, Susan Stacy, Kerri, Holly, and Matt & Melinda too, this is my hope and prayer for you going forward. That this is not only an ending, but a wonderful new beginning. That all you have experienced in the past will only serve as a springboard to new and greater things. That at the close of one door, a wonderful new one will open for you. That anything you may have enjoyed because of your role at Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine will be dim in comparison to the good things yet to come.

Let me just take this time to say “thank you”. Thank you for the opportunities. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the cheerleading. Thank you for the friendships. I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities I have had because of you, whether directly or indirectly. You will always hold a special piece of my heart.

From here, you can head on over to Glenda’s blog. Thanks so much for stopping by today and hopping along with us.

Gossamer Blue December reveal day 2

Today’s cards were made using the Gossamer Blue Life Pages themed add-ons. I loved the themed add-on this time. Beautiful Christmas die cuts, word stickers and tags. I used only the package of die cuts, silver paint,  and some gesso with stencils to make these cards. I love white on white, especially for Christmas. So, I went for white on white with some texture and a pop of color.

Joy to the World:




I love those glitter die cuts. They are just so pretty!






Christmas Cheer:




I’m dreaming of a white Christmas! How about you?


I’m not ready to put these kits away yet. There’s just so much to love and so much I haven’t gotten to use yet. I feel like I barely touched the surface of the awesomeness of these kits. I think I’ll keep them out for a while yet and make a few more projects when I am able.

If you’d like to purchase this kit, or any of the December Gossamer Blue kits, you can check them all out here and here.



Gossamer Blue December reveal day 1

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s December? I can’t. Seems like the end of the year is barreling down on us like a speeding freight train. I find myself wishing I could insert an extra day or two here and there somehow.

Since it’s December 1st, that means that the newest kits from Gossamer Blue are available for purchase today. I had a great time creating my cards with these kits. They came together so effortlessly. I made seven cards in all, and I’ll share four of them here with you today.

These first three were all made with the December main kit only.

Life is better with a smile:




I love the cork and wood accents, and that cute camera.

On an Adventure:




There are some great little die cut accents too.

You Make me Happy:




The colors in this kit are wonderful! And the wood accents always give a great touch of warmth.

This one was made using the main kit, the main kit add-on, and the bits & pieces kit.




I love the rub-ons in the main kit add-on. I layered them over a piece of 6×6 patterned paper that came with the bits & pieces kit. I like how the transparent rub-ons allow the print on the paper to show through.

Oh, and guess what. These photos were taken in my new craft space!

Speaking of photos, I’m really having trouble getting mine sharp, for some reason. I’ve tried shooting with a smaller aperture instead of wide open. I’ve tried moving closer or further away from the item being photographed. I’ve tried turning my cards in different angles with the light. I’ve messed around with my camera settings umpteen times.  Have any of you ever experienced that problem? I’m about to just take it to a local camera shop and ask the guys there what to do because I’m almost convinced it’s something with my lens. Fuzzy photos are not cool. Unless it’s on purpose.

So, if you’re interested in getting your own kits, head on over to Gossamer Blue. But don’t wait too long! They usually go pretty quickly.